Rich Stone

Rich Stones are crystal amulets with deep red or ochre centers.

When a living mortal is boiled in a pool of Umbral Taint something extraordinary occurs. The feedback created causes intense psychic pressures, and a sturdy vessel, like a bell jar, is required to contain the reaction lest the mortal subject explode bodily into a fine pink mist. The result of this reaction is a) a dead mortal and b) an exotic percipitate. It is this percipitate that is used to create the Rich Stone.

When a Rich Stone is placed around the neck of a ‘target’ entity, and another Rich Stone is placed over a ‘subject’ entity, the effect is such that the subject is wholly able to control the target. For example, a shadar-kai witch wearing the subject stone is able to inhabit the body and control the actions of a giant zombie wearing the target stone.

Rich Stones are employed only by the Blood Reavers clan of shadar-kai.

Rich Stone

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