Imram Gail

Shadar Kai and leader of the Arn. She is not white haired, she is clear haired. Her head below is lumpy and gray, her age spots brown and ochre. Despite her frailty she is upright, broad shouldered, and carries herself with an air of confidence. Like any good politician she wears a thick red sash from her left shoulder. However, the bottom of this sash is decorated with the hands, claws, and at least one head of her kills.

She is missing her left breast, the unfortunate consequence of her abduction by Warren Spectre over a year ago. Synergistic Enterprises LLC. rescued her, but she still holds a bit of a grudge for the fact that they brought such danger to her people, and that her kinsman Sally took up with them as their Executive Assistant.

She knows where the Arn have been, but not where they are going. They have traveled for as long as she can remember, keeping within a few months travel of Meberly, a gnomish city in the Shadowfell.

The Arn came to these desolate southern plains seeking game and natural resources to use in their quest for excellence and perfection in the service of the Raven Queen. They found both, until the Umbral Taint began to rain down from the cliffs above and the Red Falls formed. For as long as she can remember the Taint had spilled from high above, only to evaporate into the eternal night of the Shadowfell. But as the flow increased it fell, creating a pool at the base of these mountains and attracting the most horrible creatures of the Shadowfell. At least one ancient wraith attacked their camp, and dozens of specters, ghouls, and skeletons rose from the earth to attack them. They wander even now that the flow has been stemmed.

Imram Gail

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