Darkness In The North

The story so far...
Darkness and Synergy

The adventurers came first to Winterhaven at the behest of an archeologist searching for his mentor. Quickly they learned that there was more going on in this town than digging for bones. They were ambushed by goblins, and fought their way to safety.

Returning to Winterhaven they learned from Parle Cranewing of the The Ruins of Shadowfell Keep, and took a contract from Parle to explore and research the ruins. There they found Kalarel, an evil leader of a cult of Orcus. Defeating him they helped stop the creation of a portal that would have allowed Orcus himself to enter the normal world! The experience bound the characters together, and soon Synergistic Enterprises LLC. was incorporated and chartered as an “independent adventuring party with a limited liability corporate structure”.

That next fall Nariman Ral contracted them to journey north, to the city of Ishpeming, to investigate the dissapearance of his cousin, Ellel Ral. When they arrived in Ishpeming they found Ellel near death, tended by his lover Erin Toyvo. Erin was the only survivor of what would become known as the Ishpeming Incident. Duergar, dark dwarves, had swept down the Warming Slough from the Shoulders of Winter, caught the fishing fleet at sea and slaughtered the crews. Then, they made their way to the city’s Temple of Pelor and murdered every man and child. Only the elderly and the women were spared, but they were taken on a murderous death march through the frozen tundra. Only a handful survived to be taken through a portal in the the Shadowfell.

Synergistic Enterprises LLC, at great risk to themselves and entirely without proper certification, oversight, or insurance pursued the Duergar into the Shadowfell through the ruins of an ancient dwarven stronghold.

With the help of a Shadar Kai named Ovid Merchuryl the party tracked the Duergar to a dwarven outpost, a circular structure on the rim of a giant canyon filled with Umbral Taint. There they fought a titanic battle. Duergar and giant zombies fell before the party, and Ovid’s assistance was vital in pushing the tide of victory. In the final moments, as the party secured the survivors in the courtyard, the party gained the helm of an exotic Eladrin Corvette and killed all but one of the shadar-kai Blood Reavers manning it.

The single soul they allowed to live, the witch Lyda, eventually returned to the group. Under the employ of the mysterious Warren Spectre, Lyda and other subcontractors of Orcus in the Shadowfell convinced Synergistic Enterprises LLC. to embark on a suicide mission to retrieve Arrenoor’s Lens. They did this by abducting Ovid’s kinswoman, Imram Gail, and holding her hostage until the lens was handed over.

When the party returned from the battle with Arrenoor, Lens in hand, Warren Spectre turned on the group sighting gross negligence and contractual malfeasence. During the ensuing battle Imram was rescued, but not before Ronin was enthralled by a Rich Stone. In order to escape with their lives the party had to kill Ronin. Lyda also fell, but Warren Spectre and his retinue of angellic legionaires survived and fled into the eternal night.

Since that day Synergistic Enterprises LLC. has returned from the realm of shadow, helped to re-establish Ishpeming and protect its population, and formed a fortress-like headquarters in Winterhaven where they contract with the local Lord and consult on matters of defense across the northern plains.

Having amassed some capital, the party is eager to expand.


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