Synergistic Enterprises LLC. Security is our business… and business is STRONG!

“Who put Ged in charge of marketing copy?”

Having returned from the realm of Shadow with the survivors of what has become known as the “Ishpeming Incident” gained you some acclaim in the town of Winterhaven. Helping the town survive its first winter, and building up its defenses and its population, has made you known throughout the Nentir Vale. Ishpeming is safe now, thanks to you, and thriving as never before.

From your headquarters in Winterhaven, and your satelite office in Ishpeming, you take consulting work as far away as Fallcrest. But expansion is the name of the game, and this fiscal year you hope to open another satelite office. Perhaps at the Fiveleague House, maybe as far south as Dardun, at the edge of the Briar Hills.

Truth be told, you would simply like to be working on the same project together again, and a new office seems like as good a reason as any to get the band back together.

Darkness In The North

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